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Selling to Hospitals is a training and consulting firm that helps healthcare sales organizations increase win rates and improve customer relationships.

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Pam Switzer

Pam Switzer is in the business of helping sales leaders in Health Care companies to implement sustainable sales transformation initiatives. Pam helps her clients to determine the best tools and processes needed to execute their sales strategy and to help sales leaders to grow their business through developing sales effectiveness in their reps.

Pam helps medical sales people win more deals by focusing their selling efforts on the deals that are most likely to close, for the most money, with buyers who see the need to take action and have the authority to do so.

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Matt Switzer

Matt has worked with multi-nationals and small businesses selling and leading teams servicing such diverse areas as IT, engineering and construction, healthcare, retail, energy, manufacturing and public sector at all levels of government.

Matt helps sales leaders shorten sales cycles, increase win rates and improve profitable customer relationships by developing plans for transformation that scale, are modular and focus on the right changes in critical behaviors and business processes.

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