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Clinician Apathy - What can we do about it?

Healthcare globally is in a state of change. Our customers will respond to change based on their own individual perception. The change itself is neutral—the potential impact of the change can create uncertainty and confusion. Most of our clinical buyers, particularly physicians, are constantly being asked to “sell this to administration” on behalf of an eager and hopeful salesperson. Physicians are completely tired of this fight. They are apathetic.

When faced with “apathetic” buyers who appear completely disinterested in engaging with us at any level-it is helpful to step back and ask yourself some questions:

  1. Has there been a Compelling Trigger Event? Why do they want to change and why is now the right time?
  2. Does this person see “no need to change” or does the buyer simply not perceive your solution to be their best option?
  3. In the situation of a physician, are they simply tired of “selling to administration” and not being...

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